MPs are about to debate whether to drop God Save the Queen as the national anthem sung at England sporting events and replace it with the country's own song. Labour's Toby Perkins thinks England should follow Wales and Scotland and have its own official anthem. If the vote is passed his bill will be debated again at a second reading.

If this does go ahead, the anthem will obviously have to be something stirring and emotional that everyone loves. Some people are suggesting Jerusalem, Land of Hope and Glory, Swing Low Sweet Chariot... but the answer seems obvious to us. A much-worshipped English song which causes people to well up at the first note? Step forward Adele.

Just image the crowd on one side of the pitch singing "Hello from the outside," before fellow fans in the opposite stands reply "Hello from the other side". It just works, right?

What do you think? If God Save the Queen is dropped, which anthem should replace it?