Olympics 2012: Pick of the Day – Equestrian Individual Jumping Final

After Monday's team gold, 54-year-old Nick Skelton and fellow Team GB rider Ben Maher aim for more medals...

Great Britain has not brought home an individual jumping medal since the 1972 Munich games, but we have two riders in contention this time – both members of the team that won gold on Monday.


Nick Skelton is a huge story here. He’s 54 years old and this is his sixth official Olympics, which is an amazing achievement. Considering Nick broke his neck in a riding fall about ten years ago it is quite astonishing that he’s competing at all. He’s had an amazing run of form already this year, and in Big Star he’s got one of the best horses in the world.

Fellow Team GB rider Ben Maher (on Triple X) is also in with a medal chance in an event that’s going to be an amazing spectacle for the audience. You’ll get to see the world’s best horses go to the edge of their limits against the clock over five rounds of a short course that has between 12 and 14 obstacles. Andy Austin


Equestrian: Individual Jumping Final – 12 noon BBC1, BBC Olympics 2