How to buy tickets for the Rugby World Cup 2015

Everything you need to know to buy Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets, including prices, ballot dates and registration details

Tickets go on sale for the Rugby World Cup 2015 from this Friday 12th September, and if Charles Dance’s rousing team talk has got you inspired, you’ll want to know how to watch a slice of the action.


Up to one million general sale tickets are available for 48 matches in next year’s World Cup hosted in England. The application process is similar to the London 2012 Olympics, in that the tickets are not given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Instead, the window for applying for match tickets will open on Friday 12th September and close on Monday 29th September, then where matches are oversubscribed, a ballot will be held to give every fan a chance to bag a ticket.

Tickets start at £15 for adults, although England tickets are significantly higher, with most costing at least £75 a ticket for adults. Check the schedule below for full details.

Of course, even if you can’t get tickets, the whole tournament will be live on ITV and ITV4 from Friday 18th September to Saturday 31st October 2015.

5 steps to prepare for the Rugby World Cup ticketing scrum

1. Create an account on the Rugby World Cup ticket website here. You can do so before tickets go on sale on 12th September.

2. Choose the matches you want to apply for. Remember that knockout rounds and England matches are likely to be very oversubscribed. You can opt to go for a higher price category, or use the ‘Increase Your Chances’ feature. If the price category you have selected is oversubscribed, you can opt to go for the higher price bracket.

3. It doesn’t matter when you apply for tickets, as long as it’s within the ballot window (12-29th September). For most matches you can only apply for a maximum of four tickets, although for 15 select matches you can apply for 15 tickets at any one time.

4. After you’ve chosen your matches, you can still amend your selection at any time during the sale window. The website will display when matches have become oversubscribed, so check back in to see the status of your selections.

You can also use the Match Manager tool, which allows you to apply for more fixtures but “cap” the number of matches you will eventually end up with. For example, you could apply for six games but set a cap of three. When the cap is hit, no more tickets will be allocated to your account.


5. Applicants will be told by October if they have been successful. Seats will be randomly allocated but any tickets purchased together will sit together. If any tickets remain unsold, they will go on sale in November on a first-come, first-served basis.