Horse racing presenter catches loose horse live on air, coolly carries on with interview afterwards

At The Races presenter Hayley Moore is committed to her job

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At the Races presenter Hayley Moore will go down in horse racing broadcasting lore after she bravely apprehended a loose horse live on air at Chepstow Racecourse in Wales on Tuesday.


The horse, aptly-named three-year-old Give Em A Clump, had unseated his rider Fran Berry after one furlong, and was just heading off for another lap – but Moore had other ideas.

As other spectators moved quickly out of the way, Moore stood her ground as the horse bounded towards her, and grabbed it by its reins. The horse’s momentum dragged her to the ground, but she was able to hold on and bring it to a halt, before cooly dusting herself off, removing its saddle and then carrying on with interviews. Check out a clip of her impressive stop below.

Speaking to her At the Races colleagues live on air afterwards, Moore said that she “couldn’t bare to see” Give Em A Clump go out on another lap. “Adrenaline – if only it could be bottled she said,” fizzing with energy.


The presenter has earned a host of new fans on Twitter, who took to the social media platform to praise her for her efforts:

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