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Here's what you missed at the Olympics closing ceremony

Rio 2016’s closer (and the Twitter reaction) was downright incredible

Published: Monday, 22nd August 2016 at 10:58 am

Apart from the time difference keeping us up ‘til 4am, was Rio 2016 the best Olympics ever? It had Team GB finishing second in the table, Usain Bolt winning the triple triple, and – without doubt – one hell of a closing ceremony.


Didn’t catch Rio’s final spectacle? Here are the best bits from Rio’s Maracana stadium.

1. Team GB wore some very flashy shoes

The squad finishing in second (yes, we’re still celebrating) lit up the ‘Heroes of the Games’ segment with luminous shoes. The footwear were even fitted with a USB charger.

3. Fireworks. Literally all the fireworks.


4. The men's marathon winners received their medals

It’s tradition to hand them out in the closing ceremony– it wasn’t just an incredibly slow race from gold medallist Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya.


5. A lot of Brazilians dressed up as vegetables and danced around

A sentence you’ll sadly never read again.


These brightly-clad dancers were supposed to stir the sights of Brazil’s famous carnivals. Instead, they inspired this...

6. The stadium was wiped red and white for a sneak peek at Toyko 2020


Fun fact: Brazil has the largest population of Japanese descendants outside of Japan in the world.

7. Saving the best 'til last, The Japanese PM popped out of a green pipe dressed as Mario


PM Shinzo Abe simultaneously sparked some very early excitement for Tokyo 2020 and became the biggest man on social media.


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