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"Heartbroken" Team GB sprinter Adam Gemili missed out on bronze by three-thousandths of a second

“To get so close it’s just heartbreaking. I’m gutted, just absolutely gutted”

Published: Friday, 19th August 2016 at 9:43 am

Team GB sprinter Adam Gemili came fourth in the 200m in Rio yesterday, missing a bronze medal by just three-thousandths of a second (by our rudimentary calculations, that's a distance of about 0.0001006mm).


In an agonising sliding doors moment, the 22 year old lost out to France’s Christophe Lemaitre, despite them both reaching the finish line in 20.12s.

In an emotional interview with the BBC after the race, in which he appeared (quite understandably) utterly crestfallen, Gemili said: "I'm just heartbroken. I put so much into that run.

"I lost my form at the end and to get so close it's just heartbreaking. I'm gutted, just absolutely gutted.

“I was on the inside, I knew Bolt would go and a lot of others would try and go with him.

“Myself and my coach had said beforehand to let them go and save some energy. I did but I lost some form at the end but it has been a fantastic season.

“I have had such fantastic support but I am gutted I could not bring home a medal for Team GB."

There was a huge show of support for the Gemili on Twitter from fellow Team GB olympians:


Usain Bolt won gold in 19.78s, followed by Canada's Andre De Grasse, who finished second in 19.80s. Seems like a pretty big margin in comparison, doesn't it?


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