Have we found two new 007s after Greece’s James Bond synchronised swim at Rio 2016?

It was a performance that left the Olympic judges a little shaken and stirred


You’ve already seen Bond moodily surface from a tropical ocean, but have you seen him parade around a swimming pool in a sparkly skeleton costume? Absolutely not, but you can have a good idea of what that might look like thanks to Greece’s James Bond-themed synchronised swimming performance at the Rio Olympics.


For your eyes only (alongside the Olympic judging panel and an audience of billions worldwide), Greek duo Evangelina Papazoglou and Evangelina Platanioti paid homage to the Day of the Dead opening scene in latest James Bond film Spectre.


This involved a routine of fingerguns and underwater kicks, all accompanied by theme music to Grand Theft Auto IV (we don’t understand either).

Sense it made little, but in true Bond style it still blew away the judges (not literally, calm down) and the duo scored 86.1, a result that should send them through the preliminary round and into the women’s duet synchronised final, 6pm tomorrow.


Whether the pair will perform a Goldfinger parody in time to the soundtrack of Call of Duty remains to be seen. However, that would still only be a third as good as Bond’s appearance at London 2012…