Gordon Ramsay almost knocked off bicycle by selfie hunter

Chef Ramsay says training for triathlons is tricky with motorists trying to get pictures with him in his lycra

When the Tour de France kicked off a few weeks ago in the UK, fans trying to take selfies bugged the cyclists.


It’s not that they don’t want to have pictures with their fans. But when they’re trying to cycle rather fast along the road, someone standing with their back to them trying to grab a snap, was a bit, well, dangerous.

Now, chef Gordon Ramsay admits he’s had the same issues while out and about training for triathlons.

Ramsay is up with the larks to train, swimming, cycling and running for miles at a time to keep his fitness up. But he tells US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel, one fan nearly knocked him off his bike.

“I was up in Latigo Canyon last weekend, it’s like a 12k climb up this very steep hill and there’s this lady driving along beside me and she’s shouting out the back of the car, ‘Hey Chef Ramsay come on let’s do a selfie!’

“She’s outside of a convertible, literally leaning over, driving with one hand… honestly she nearly knocked me off my bike!”

And how did Ramsay respond? Well he had to tell her to…


Which, well, dot dot dot in Ramsay’s world was probably something a little fruity, shall we say.