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When will Formula 1 2020 season return?

All the latest news and updates as the 2020 Formula 1 season is postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak

Formula 1
Published: Tuesday, 2nd June 2020 at 10:54 am

Formula 1 has taken a giant leap towards a return to action following the announcement of a season start date.


The coronavirus decimated the sporting calendar in February and March, but F1 is the latest to reveal its intentions and plans for the 2020 season, and the comeback is set to take place in July.

A fresh race calendar has been released by the FIA with significant changes to the original calendar. So far it only covers the European summer leg of the season, but more races will be announced in the coming weeks to set up a rejigged season that is long enough to end in an official championship title being awarded, meaning every race matters more than ever in 2020.

We've rounded up the F1 2020 season start date, potential end dates and information on the updated F1 2020 calendar so you can start getting excited for a return to racing.

When will the F1 2020 season start?

The F1 2020 season will officially start on 3rd July with a trip to Austria for practice, before the first Grand Prix gets underway on 5th July.

That is the same date as was originally announced for Austria, but the difference is that a second race will take place at Red Bull Ring a week later, and it's not the only double-header on the cards with two races to be held in Britain across July and August.

When will the F1 2020 season end?

The last confirmed race so far will take place on 6th September at Monza in Italy. As with Austria, this date is unchanged from the original season calendar.

From this angle, it appears that the remaining seven races could potentially go ahead as planned, albeit behind closed doors for the most part.

However, it remains to be seen what the COVID-19 situation will be like in September. Everything could change, for better or for worse. Borders may still be restricted or they could be opened. There are many unknowns about what happens when the European leg of the season is completed.

The final races are traditionally scattered across the globe, ranging from South America to east Asia, so logistics may prove a lot tougher. We'll bring you the latest information when updates are made with regards to more races, but for now, at least we have eight weeks of F1 drama in the calendar.

F1 2020 calendar

For all the latest race details, check out our updated F1 2020 calendar.

There have been eight races confirmed across Europe so far, including two double-headers on the same tracks, meaning this season will be unlike any other, but racing will recommence and a championship will be won by season's end.


We will continue to update the F1 2020 calendar with all the latest dates, locations and more as details emerge.


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