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Who will be relegated? Premier League permutations and who could get Champions League place

The Premier League ends this weekend and there are a whole lot of situations that must be resolved with Champions League, Europa League and relegation undecided.

Man Utd
Published: Friday, 24th July 2020 at 1:39 pm

The Premier League 2019/20 season is coming to an end this weekend with the last of the Premier League fixtures but if you're hoping for a quiet procession on Sunday afternoon, you're badly wrong.


Liverpool may have effectively sewn up the division by the turn of the year but below them the situation remains fluid.

Champions League and Europa League places are up for grabs while the relegation battle is far from over.

Check out the full list of Premier League permutations for some of the key areas in the Premier League table yet to be resolved.

Champions League places

3. Man Utd – 63pts (28 GD)

4. Chelsea – 63pts (13 GD)


5. Leicester – 62pts (28 GD)

The showpiece game of the weekend will be United's trip to face Leicester in a winner takes all showdown.

If United win, they will almost certainly claim third place and therefore qualify for the Champions League.

If Leicester win, they will leapfrog United and guarantee a Champions League place. United would then have to rely on Chelsea to lose to Wolves.

If United and Leicester draw, United qualify for the Champions League and Leicester would miss out unless Chelsea lose to Wolves.

Chelsea just need a point to qualify for the Champions League. If they lose, they need United to beat Leicester.

Europa League places

6. Wolves – 59pts (13 GD)

7. Tottenham – 58pts (14 GD)

Both teams are confirmed to finish in sixth and seventh, and at the moment both places will qualify for the Europa League.

However, if Arsenal win the FA Cup next weekend, only sixth place will qualify for Europe.

If Wolves beat Chelsea, they're officially sixth. If Wolves draw, Tottenham need to win. If Wolves lose, Tottenham will only need a draw.

Simply, Tottenham face Crystal Palace needing to better Wolves' result against Chelsea.

Relegation battle

17. Aston Villa – 34pts (-26 GD)


18. Watford – 34pts (-27 GD)

19. Bournemouth – 31pts (-27 GD)

Norwich are already confirmed to be relegated. West Ham and Brighton have secured their places in the 2020/21 season.

Bournemouth are relegated if Aston Villa or Watford pick up a point or more. They're also down automatically if they don't win.

In essence, whoever picks up the better result between Villa (against West Ham) and Watford (against Arsenal) will stay up. Villa have a one-goal advantage though, so Watford must better Villa's result by two goals or more.

If Villa win 1-0 and Watford win 2-0, they will be joined on points and goal difference, but Villa would survive by virtue of scoring more goals.

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