ITV interrupts live football to show newsreader fiddling with buttons

The Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich was the latest game spoiled by a technical gaffe

You probably think reading the ITV News is all glitz and glamour but a cock-up by producers during last night’s Champions League match has revealed the truth…


ITV’s latest in-game blooper saw cameras abruptly cut from the tense period of extra-time in the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich on ITV1 HD to a view of newsreader Mark Austin staring into the middle-distance while adjusting the buttons of his suit jacket and attempting to ignore a colleague off-camera demanding “I’ve gotta show you this tweet I sent this morning…”

Of course it’s not the first time ITV has spoiled viewers’ enjoyment of football by inadvertently reminding them of real life. In February 2009, an FA Cup Merseyside derby suddenly cut to a Tic-Tac ad, just as Everton’s Dan Gosling lashed in an extra-time winner.

In June 2010, England fans missed Steven Gerrard’s goal in the World Cup match against the USA on ITV1 HD when live coverage was interrupted by someone trying to sell them a Korean car.

Following last night’s incident, an ITV spokesperson confirmed there had been a “brief break in transmission” during the 98th minute due to a technical fault. Yes, the game was back after 30 seconds, allowing viewers to watch the penalty shoot-out (won by Bayern) – but by then the damage had been done…