Is this Partick Thistle’s new mascot or has Lisa Simpson gone off the rails?

Today's big reveal at the Scottish football club has absolutely terrified Twitter...

When you think of football mascots, something cuddly and friendly usually springs to mind. Y’know, a fluffy bird, a teddy bear – a talisman to instil positivity in the thousands of fans braving the cold or an unfortunate scoreline.


What you don’t think of is this…

That’s Scottish football club Partick Thistle who unveiled their new mascot on Twitter earlier today. It was designed by artist David Shrigley as part of a two-year sponsorship deal with Californian company Kingsford Capital Management. He’s known fondly as “Kingsley”.

The problem is, there’s not very much ‘fond’ about him – something that’s not gone unnoticed on Twitter:

Many assumed Lisa Simpson had gone off the rails.

Or she’d had a love child with Harry Potter’s nemesis or The Simpsons’ monobrowed baby.

No, this isn’t the Teletubbies: where are they now?

Spare a thought for poor Jaggy MacBee who, after four years service, has been shown the door…


… And all the kids who will be suffering nightmares this upcoming football season.