Is Guam’s 2-1 win against India the biggest David and Goliath moment in football?

How does an island with just 165,000 people beat a nation of 1.2 billion? Guam's football dream has just come true...

Football is a worldwide game, and just occasionally throws up a surprise of global proportions. But in terms of giants against minnows, they don’t come much better than Guam beating India.


Guam, the tiny United States territory in the Pacific Ocean, have beaten soon-to-be superpower India 2-1 in their World Cup qualifying match, a feat that’s even more impressive when you find out the relative populations of each country.

Population of Guam? 165,124 in 2013 according to the World Bank – roughly the same size as Warrington.

Population of India? 1 billion 252 million and 140 thousand. Clearly, football isn’t a numbers game.

The result puts Guam at the top of their World Cup qualifying group D, after they also beat Turkmenistan last week. Before this run, they had never even won or drawn a World Cup qualifying match, and can count a 19-0 loss to Iran in their 2002 World Cup qualifying campaign.

There is even a British connection: Guam’s head coach is former Bognor Regis Town player turned international manager Gary White. India is coached by fellow Brit Stephen Constantine.

“Our final outcome that we want is to put Guam football on the map,” White told Fifa last week, “and I think that’s happening already.”


It might be just a speck in the ocean compared to India, but Guam’s definitely on the football map now.