How much will it cost to watch Champions League football on BT Sport?

Most existing BT customers will pay £5 a month extra to watch live Champions League coverage, but a minimum of 12 matches will be available for everyone to watch for free

BT Sport has revealed how much it will cost to watch Champions League and Europa League football from next season.


All 351 matches from both tournaments will now be shown only on BT Sport, after the broadcaster paid close to £900 million to take European football away from Sky Sports and ITV. But how much will it cost viewers to watch Champions League and Europa League football?

For BT Broadband customers…

So far BT Sport has been available free for all broadband customers online, through the BT Sport app or a Sky box if they have one.

Premier League football on BT Sport will still be included in a BT Broadband package, but Champions League and Europa League will cost an extra £5 per month on top of the broadband contract. That buys you BT Sport Europe – the broadcaster’s new home for all European football.

However, if you’re a subscriber to BT’s entertainment package BT TV, BT Sport Europe will be free. BT TV currently costs an extra £10 a month on top of broadband and line rental costs.

For everyone else…

It currently costs £13.50 a month to watch BT Sport if you have a Sky set-top box. The price for next season and the additional European coverage has not yet been confirmed.

BT Sport committed to showing a selection of Champions League games free-to-air when it outbid ITV, and the way it will do this is through its new Freeview channel BT Sport Showcase.

This channel will show “a minimum of 12 Champions League matches and 14 Europa League matches”, available to all. The broadcaster also say that every British side competing in Europe will have at least one live free-to-air game.

The fine print

In some ways, watching European football has been made simpler: one broadcaster showing both Champions League and Europa League on one new channel.

However, only the top-of-the-range BT packages (those including BT TV) will get Champions League football for no extra charge. All other BT customers will have to pay £5 a month more on top of their monthly broadband and line rental bills to watch European football.

BT says it will be writing to its existing customers over the next few weeks to explain their options. Customers will have to commit to another 18 months to get the additional coverage.

Also worth noting: existing BT Sport customers “will get automatic access to BT Sport Europe within their current BT Sport Pack if they do not tell us what choice they want to make.” So if you don’t want to pay the extra £5 a month then be sure to answer that message. “Customers who subsequently want to drop down to the BT Sport Lite option can do so without penalty for at least 30 days,” the company adds.


On Champions League nights, all eight matches will be available to watch live. Subscribers can choose their stream via the Red Button or by selecting the match they want online or on the BT Sport app.