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Gus Poyet gets sacked live on television

The Brighton & Hove Albion manager was commentating on the Confederations Cup when the BBC informed him of his dismissal from the club

Published: Monday, 24th June 2013 at 11:28 am

Finding out you've been fired is an occasion you'd rather forget, but for Brighton & Hove Albion manager Gus Poyet it has become immortalised after he was handed his marching orders live on television.


The player-turned-manager was part of the BBC's coverage of a Confederations Cup match last Sunday evening when he was handed a print-off of his club's statement by the show's production staff. The manager has been embroiled in club politics since last month when he was suspended following a defeat in the play-offs to Crystal Palace. The decision to part ways came after an internal disciplinary hearing with the club failing to explain the cause of dispute with their manager.

"It's been a slightly odd first 45 minutes in the studio," admitted BBC Sport's Mark Chapman, "and particularly for Gus because after three-and-a-half years as Brighton manager, whilst we've been on air this evening, Gus has been told that his contract has been terminated with Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club."

The statement from his former employers announced "his employment has been terminated with immediate effect," It continued by stating, "This followed his suspension, an investigation, and a subsequent formal disciplinary process," before adding "Mr Poyet now has a right of appeal."

Poyet looked predictably upset during the broadcast, telling Chapman, "I think the BBC have a great story forever, because a manager getting information that he is being released from his employment by the BBC in the time of the programme is quite surprising."

"I still have no communication - no text, no email - I didn't receive anything on my phone."

The former Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur player went on to admit there had been signs of his impending departure leading up to the decision but that he had not expected it to come during the broadcast. "I think the viewers and everyone can take their own conclusion about the way I've been informed by you."

Poyet did confirm that he would be appealing the decision because "it is the right thing to do" but declined to make any further comment before speaking with his lawyers.


Check out the footage of his reaction below...


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