Each international football offers a fresh batch of rules, regulations and tweaks for fans, clubs and more to wrap their heads around.


Rules around substitutions have undergone minor surgery over the years with the general trend leaning towards bulging benches, though not necessarily more players able to enter the field.

Replacements have scored some of the most famous goals in European Championship history, including Portugal striker Eder and France forward David Trezeguet's dramatic winners in the 2016 and 2000 finals respectively.

It's fair to say football's substitution rules have transformed over the years, and the latest set of changes - an increased number of replacements per game - implemented during the COVID-19 period appear to be here to stay.

That means managers with deep squads at Euro 2024 will get the chance to throw a number of game changers onto the pitch in tight games, which could have a big impact on the destination of the trophy.

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So, what are the Euro 2024 substitution rules? RadioTimes.com is here to bring you everything you need to know.

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How many substitutes are allowed at Euro 2024?

A total of five substitutions per team will be permitted in matches at Euro 2024.

The managers are restricted to when they can turn to the bench, however, as each team is permitted a maximum of three stoppages in play to make changes.

Players introduced at half-time do not count towards the number of substitution windows.

How Euro 2024 subs work in extra time

An additional substitute is allowed if a game goes to extra time, with unused substitutes and substitution opportunities ticking over to the further 30 minutes.

For example, if England have only used two substitutes in a knockout game and it goes to extra time, then Gareth Southgate will have four more available.

How many players are allowed on the bench at Euro 2024?

Managers are allowed to name 26 players in their squads for Euro 2024 after a decision by the UEFA Executive Committee to increase the number from 23.

That means a maximum of 15 subs will be available from each bench.

Euro 2024 substitution rule change

Euro 2020, which was held the following year due to the coronavirus pandemic, was the first major tournament which allowed five substitutes to be used by each team per game.

It was previously standard for managers to be restricted to three substitutes, although an additional change was allowed in extra time at Euro 2016.


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