The first international break of the season is over and it's a mixed bag in terms of the home nations' hopes of reaching next summer's European Championship.


As two teams from each group automatically qualify for the tournament, England look set to top the group despite their draw against Ukraine in their last qualifier.

The Tartan Army are also dreaming of Euro 2024 after bagging five wins from five matches so far in the campaign, including critical victories over former champions Spain and Erling Haaland's Norway.

Wales still have a chance of booking their place at Euro 2024, however, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland look set to miss out on the competition.

England reached the final of Euro 2020, Wales were dispatched in the Round of 16, Scotland finished rock bottom of Group D, while Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland failed to qualify for the cross-country tournament.

Fans across Europe will be looking forward to their next taste of international action with renewed hopes and ambitions across the board. has rounded up everything you need to know about the Euro 2024 qualifiers TV schedule, channel details and live stream information during the qualifying campaign.

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Euro 2024 qualifiers on TV

Every match of the Euro 2024 qualifying campaign – aside from England games – will be shown live on Viaplay Sports.

Viaplay Sports is a monthly or annual subscription service available for brand new customers or it can be added to existing Virgin Media and Sky TV packages.

England games will be shown exclusively live on Channel 4 and its online service All4.

Wales matches will be aired on Welsh-language channel S4C as well as Viaplay.

Euro 2024 qualifiers TV schedule

All UK times.

Matchday 7

Thursday 12th October 2023

Group A: Cyprus v Norway (7:45pm)

Group A: Spain v Scotland (7:45pm)

Group D: Croatia v Turkey

Group D: Latvia v Armenia (5pm)

Group E: Albania v Czech Republic (7:45pm)

Group E: Faroe Islands v Poland (7:45pm)

Group I: Andorra v Kosovo (7:45pm)

Group I: Belarus v Romania (7:45pm)

Group I: Israel v Switzerland (7:45pm)

Friday 13th October 2023

Group B: Netherlands v France (7:45pm)

Group B: Republic of Ireland v Greece (7:45pm)

Group F: Austria v Belgium (7:45pm)

Group F: Estonia v Azerbaijan (5pm)

Group J: Iceland v Luxembourg (7:45pm)

Group J: Liechtenstein v Bosnia and Herzegovina (7:45pm)

Group J: Portugal v Slovakia (7:45pm)

Saturday 14th October 2023

Group C: Ukraine v North Macedonia (2pm)

Group C: Italy v Malta (7:45pm)

Group G: Bulgaria v Lithuania (5pm)

Group G: Hungary v Serbia (7:45pm)

Group H: Northern Ireland v San Marino (2pm)

Group H: Slovenia v Finland (5pm)

Group H: Denmark v Kazakhstan (7:45pm)

Matchday 8

Sunday 15th October 2023

Group A: Georgia v Cyprus (2pm)

Group A: Norway v Spain (7:45pm)

Group D: Turkey v Latvia (7:45pm)

Group D: Wales v Croatia (7:45pm)

Group E: Czech Republic v Faroe Islands (5pm)

Group E: Poland v Moldova (7:45pm)

Group I: Switzerland v Belarus (5pm)

Group I: Kosovo v Israel (7:45pm)

Group I: Romania v Andorra (7:45pm)

Monday 16th October 2023

Group B: Gibraltar v Republic of Ireland (7:45pm)

Group B: Greece v Netherlands (7:45pm)

Group F: Azerbaijan v Austria (5pm)

Group F: Belgium v Sweden (7:45pm)

Group J: Bosnia and Herzegovina v Portugal (7:45pm)

Group J: Iceland v Liechtenstein (7:45pm)

Group J: Luxembourg v Slovakia (7:45pm)

Tuesday 17th October 2023

Group C: England v Italy (7:45pm)

Group C: Malta v Ukraine (7:45pm)

Group G: Lithuania v Hungary (7:45pm)

Group G: Serbia v Montenegro (7:45pm)

Group H: Finland v Kazakhstan (5pm)

Group H: Northern Ireland v Slovenia (7:45pm)

Group H: San Marino v Denmark (7:45pm)

Matchday 9

Thursday 16th November 2023

Group A: Georgia v Scotland (5pm)

Group A: Cyprus v Spain (7:45pm)

Group F: Azerbaijan v Sweden (5pm)

Group F: Estonia v Austria (5pm)

Group G: Bulgaria v Hungary (7:45pm)

Group G: Montenegro v Lithuania (7:45pm)

Group J: Liechtenstein v Portugal (7:45pm)

Group J: Luxembourg v Bosnia and Herzegovina (7:45pm)

Group J: Slovakia v Iceland (7:45pm)

Friday 17th November 2023

Group C: England v Malta (7:45pm)

Group C: Italy v North Macedonia (7:45pm)

Group E: Moldova v Albania (7:45pm)

Group E: Poland v Czech Republic (7:45pm)

Group H: Kazakhstan v San Marino (3pm)

Group H: Finland v Northern Ireland (5pm)

Group H: Denmark v Slovenia (7:45pm)

Saturday 18th November 2023

Group B: France v Gibraltar (7:45pm)

Group B: Netherlands v Republic of Ireland (7:45pm)

Group D: Armenia v Wales (2pm)

Group D: Latvia v Croatia (5pm)

Group I: Belarus v Andorra (5pm)

Group I: Israel v Romania (7:45pm)

Group I: Switzerland v Kosovo (7:45pm)

Matchday 10

Sunday 19th November 2023

Group A: Scotland v Norway (7:45pm)

Group A: Spain v Georgia (7:45pm)

Group F: Belgium v Azerbaijan (5pm)

Group F: Sweden v Estonia (5pm)

Group G: Hungary v Montenegro (2pm)

Group G: Serbia v Bulgaria (2pm)

Group J: Bosnia and Herzegovina v Slovakia (7:45pm)

Group J: Liechtenstein v Luxembourg (7:45pm)

Group J: Portugal v Iceland (7:45pm)

Monday 20th November 2023

Group C: North Macedonia v England (7:45pm)

Group C: Ukraine v Italy (7:45pm)

Group E: Albania v Faroe Islands (7:45pm)

Group E: Czech Republic v Moldova (7:45pm)

Group H: Northern Ireland v Denmark (7:45pm)

Group H: San Marino v Finland (7:45pm)

Group H: Slovenia v Kazakhstan (7:45pm)

Tuesday 21st November 2023

Group B: Gibraltar v Netherlands (7:45pm)

Group B: Greece v France (7:45pm)

Group D: Croatia v Armenia (7:45pm)

Group D: Wales v Turkey (7:45pm)

Group I: Andorra v Israel (7:45pm)

Group I: Kosovo v Belarus (7:45pm)

Group I: Romania v Switzerland (7:45pm)


Thursday 21st March 2024

Play-off semi-finals

Tuesday 26th March 2024

Play-off finals

Euro 2024 finals dates

Friday 14th June 2024

Opening match

Sunday 14th July 2024


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