Dave Mackay and the football newsreels from another era

What did football look like when Dave Mackay was winning cup titles with Spurs? These rare Pathé videos give us a clue...

Legendary Tottenham Hotspur captain Dave Mackay has passed away aged 80.


The photo of one of Spurs’s greatest ever players collaring Leeds United’s Billy Bremner feels like an image from another era in football.

But for those who missed Mackay first time round, what did the football actually look like?

Enter British Pathé’s YouTube channel, a treasure trove of vintage football videos, memorabilia, dodgy fan fashion and great FA Cup finals past.

A quick search for Dave Mackay and Spurs in the 1960s throws up a host of forgotten football memories, like this rare colour footage of the 1962 FA Cup final.

100,000 packed into Wembley to watch Spurs defend their Cup title against Burnley.

A man in a white coat conducts the crowd in a round of Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag before the action gets going (the goalkeepers could really do with an extra crossing drill or two).

Spurs retained the FA Cup in 1962 after winning the domestic double the year before. The video below shows what an open top bus parade looked like in 1961, complete with head-scrapingly low electricity wires.

European football was the same. In 1962 Spurs were a match away from the European Cup final. Sadly, White Hart Lane’s sand-covered goal areas weren’t enough to put reigning champions Benfica off their stride. If only…

Benfica might have beaten Spurs, but fancy European football had started to take root in English football even then. “They’re training with the ball a lot more than used to be the fashion,” the clipped announcer explains over shots of Tottenham in training, “a lesson we’ve learned from the foreign teams.”

Best of all though is seeing comedian and then-Fulham chairman Tommy Trinder preview his side’s match against the high-flying Spurs: “We’ve got no scapegoats, the manager’s got his job, he’s never been threatened with the sack…”

The manager’s name? Bedford “Beddy” Jezzard, about as far away from Mauricio Pochettino as you can be.

Dave Mackay was back at Wembley with Spurs in 1967, a year after England had won the World Cup. Had much changed? The faces in the crowd suggest not…

But the “Iron Man” himself was a gentle giant really. 5 mins 27 seconds in, a quick peck on the cheek for his goalkeeper Pat Jennings.


Dave Mackay, man from another time – but forever a football legend.