The Football League has been decimated by the coronavirus pandemic with the Championship, League 1 and League 2 all wiped out by the outbreak.


Updates are expected from officials throughout the spread of the virus. will bring you all of the latest updates and answer your burning questions as the Football League grinds to a halt.

When will the Football League return?

A statement by Football League officials states that they intend to resume action on the weekend of 4th April.

Much will depend on the further spread of the virus, with officials to monitor the progression of the outbreak and government advice accordingly.

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This comes against the backdrop of mounting speculation that Euro 2020, scheduled to take place in June across Europe could be pushed back to 2021.

The Football League is likely to work in sync with the Premier League given the link between the divisions.

Could the Football League season be cancelled?

There appears to be three vague options on the table for Championship, League 1 and League 2 to decide upon:

  1. Cancel the season – The simplest option in theory would be to scrub out the 2019/20 from the record books and resume football starting with the 2020/21 season in September. However, clubs in prime positions for promotion, titles and successes have already threatened legal action. It would be a hugely controversial decision, and right now, it remains a last resort.
  2. End the season as things stand – West Brom and Leeds are promoted, potentially third-place Fulham too. Barnsley, Luton and Charlton all make swift returns to League 1 and the divisions are simply ended as if a full campaign had taken place. Again, this would be a controversial one given the tight nature of divisions.
  3. Delay the season – The least controversial but highest hassle option would be delaying the season indefinitely, then resuming from pause in several months time. If teams are to go through a break now, they could be fit and ready to finish off the season during the summer. A logistical nightmare, but arguably the best plan of action.