BBC reveals viewing figures for its first Premier League match in 30 years

Bournemouth took on Crystal Palace in last night's game.

Premier League ball

The BBC has revealed viewing figures for its first Premier League match since 1988, which aired last night on BBC One.


Relegation battlers Bournemouth hosted Crystal Palace for the monumental game, which saw the away team win three points with their decisive 2-0 victory.

At its peak, the game was watched by 3.9 million people (a 24.5 per cent share of the audience at that time), but average viewership was slightly lower at 3.6 million (22 per cent share) across the full 90 minutes.

Some had speculated that Bournemouth v Crystal Palace would become the most-watched match in Premier League history, at least for a short time, due to the rarity of its prime time slot on BBC One.

However, the game fell short of these lofty expectations, as April 2012’s Manchester derby remains the most-watched Premier League fixture, drawing in a peak audience of four million.

It did top this week’s clash between Manchester City and Arsenal, which saw peak viewership of 3.4 million when it aired last Wednesday on Sky Sports.

The next Premier League match to air on BBC Sport will be Norwich v Everton on BBC Two at 6pm on 24th June, followed by Southampton v Man City on 5th July and one more match that is yet to be confirmed.


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