Ed Sheeran and Wayne Rooney strike up a duet in the pub

The Manchester United footballer has a shot at singing Lego House in a boozer with the chart-topping singer

The best thing you can say about Wayne Rooney’s musical collaboration with Ed Sheeran is that it was a duet of two halves – and it’s not Sheeran letting the side down.


The Manchester United striker had already revealed on Twitter that he’d been to an Ed Sheeran gig at the end of October, but neglected to mention that he’d also sung Lego House with the singer songwriter in a pub afterwards.

And although the England captain’s a natural on the field, when it comes to musical pitch he needs a bit of practice. Kudos to the Manchester man for getting stuck in, though.

Warning: some strong language right at the start of the vid.


Rooney’s not the only Premier League fan of Ed Sheeran: last week it emerged that referee Mark Clattenburg had been dropped from duties for the weekend after driving off alone after a game to watch an Ed Sheeran concert. Premier League rules dictate that match officials must travel together before and after matches.