Ecstatic Swedish football team gatecrash TV pundits after qualifying for World Cup finals

Let's just say they were VERY excited about knocking Italy out of the running


Any football fan will tell you that qualifying for the World Cup is kind of a big deal, but when you do so at the expense of a team that’s won the thing on several occasions and was fully expected to progress instead of you, it’s grounds for quite the celebration.


At least that’s what the Swedish national team seemed to think when they managed to knock out former winners Italy to secure a place at the World Cup finals in Russia in 2018.

The Scandinavian side recorded a 1-0 victory which meant Italy failed to qualify for the tournament for the first time in 60 years. To celebrate, the Swedish team decided to gatecrash their home pundits’ report on the sidelines…

The team really put the crash into gatecrash, too – absolutely demolishing the desk the reporters were working at in the process.


Oh well, at least they’re all happy, eh?