What is Driver’s Eye in Formula E? The revolutionary camera that takes you into a driver’s world

Formula E is bringing fans closer to the action with a revolutionary helmet camera for races in the 2019/20 season

Formula E helmet

Cockpit cameras changed the game when they were first introduced to motorsport – but Formula E has gone one step further.


The Marrakesh E-Prix airs on BBC Two this Saturday, and viewers will be taken inside the minds of drivers on the circuit thanks to Driver’s Eye.

The innovative new feature places a camera inside every driver’s helmet, meaning you see exactly what they see as they blaze around the tarmac.

It’s a no holds barred experience with the 8mm camera detecting every bump and vibration from the cockpit – you feel what the driver feels.

The tiny 2.5-gram piece of kit is placed behind the visor in a world’s first for FIA-sanctioned single-seater racing.


To experience Driver’s Eye, tune in to BBC Two for the 45-minute long Marrakesh E-Prix this Saturday.