David Luiz’s Brazilian magic makes vanishing spray disappear for free kick in PSG v Chelsea match

The Paris Saint Germain and former Chelsea defender wiped away the free kick marker placed by the referee and created his own for Zlatan Ibrahimovic's shot

Whether or not it was a moment of inspiration or a move that had been practiced on the training ground we may never know, but last night’s Champions League match between Chelsea and Paris Saint Germain saw PSG defender David Luiz produce a bit of Brazilian magic – by making the free kick line vanish with just a wave of his hand.


Just before half-time, PSG won a foul right outside the Chelsea penalty box. The referee used the so-called vanishing spray, first seen at last year’s World Cup, to draw a line indicating where the kick should be taken. But as the ref walked off, former Chelsea player Luiz wiped away the marker and used the remnants of the spray foam to create his own line in a more favourable place.

Luckily for the referee, who failed to spot the incident, Ibrahimovic then blasted the ball over the bar – leaving Chelsea fans relieved and the rest of us wondering what David Luiz will do for his next trick…


Vine by James Maw