Shane Warne: I’ve never had any plastic surgery

Aussie commentator and fiancee of Liz Hurley says his new look is down to a healthy lifestyle

Australian cricketer Shane Warne has denied having had facial surgery and insists that his changed appearance is squarely down to the new health regime he enjoys with his fiancée Elizabeth Hurley.


Warne, the former Australian leg spinner and a commentator for Sky Sports, told this week’s Radio Times: “People can say whatever they want. I’m supposed to have had facelifts, injections in my head, liposuction, new teeth… but I can guarantee you right now that I have not been under a surgeon’s knife. All that happened was that I had my own TV show, and when I saw myself I said, ‘Jeez, I’ve put on a bit.’

“So I decided to get fit, which coincided with meeting Elizabeth. And she eats very healthily, so now I do, too. Don’t believe in those conspiracy theories. I have a good diet, I’ve lost a bit of weight and I’m happy, that’s why I look different.”

He added that while he now lives with Hurley in a large house in Herefordshire he would never become an English country squire?


“My children and I, we’re Aussie through and through. I enjoy the house in England, but it’s in my DNA to be an Aussie larrikin.”