British Olympian Martyn Rooney apologises for brilliantly blunt post race interview

Rooney couldn't hide his disappointment after coming fifth in his 400m heat


Winning at the Olympic Games is a BIG DEAL for any athlete so you can only begin to imagine how disappointed one might feel to be knocked out in the first round, like 400m runner Martyn Rosney was last night.


The European Champion didn’t have the best race in his heat, finishing fifth and finding himself out of the running. Literally.

Rosney was so disappointed that he couldn’t help but be brutally blunt about his performance in a post race interview with the BBC – which has actually been praised by many as one of the most honest interviews of the games thus far.

“I ran like a d**k”, Rosney told the BBC. “I don’t know what I was doing the first 250m. I’m just gutted for myself and everyone that’s supported me.”

Rosney later apologised for his language, explaining his frustration and disappointment with the night’s events.


But it looks as though he need not have worried – he had plenty of support behind him.