Andrew Flintoff attempts 12 world records in a day for Sport Relief

From drinking hot chocolate at speed to wrapping Holly Willoughby in paper, the cricket star goes the extra mile for charity

New world records have been set today by England cricket star Andrew Flintoff – just not as many as he planned. While John Bishop, Denise Lewis and others take on feats of endurance, Flintoff is trying to achieve 12 world records, one after another.


So far today Flintoff did get the record for drinking hot chocolate – downing a cup in 5.45 seconds – and he set a new one for the most number of “Likes” on Facebook in an hour with 52,719. Then he also travelled 100m in a pedalo in under two minutes.

But he failed when This Morning filmed him attempting the fastest-ever wrapping of a person in newspaper. He had to wrap Holly Willoughby in three minutes and seven seconds but couldn’t find the end of the roll of sticky tape. We’ve all experienced that problem, but few of us have had co-host Phillip Schofield holding his head in his hands at the time. Flintoff says he had expected broadsheet newspapers rather than tabloid: “Little newspapers,” he muttered.

Also on This Morning, he failed to eat a muffin in the required 35 seconds and there admitted to the hosts: “I’ll be honest with you, the preparation wasn’t good. I think it had been in the canteen for weeks.”

He did better with a reverse bungee jump, for which he only narrowly failed to take the record, and then he failed a three-point turn by only 3cm (1.2in).

Watch him practise for his world record attempts now or catch up with highlights of Flintoff’s Record Breakers on Sport Relief night, Friday 23 March, on BBC1.