What’s in the box? Imogen receives a scary warning in Neighbours

But which Ramsay Street resident sent it to her?

Neighbours, Imogen Willis

Imogen Willis (played by Ariel Kaplan) has made herself Public Enemy No.1 by becoming Finn Kelly’s (Rob Mills) lawyer in Neighbours.


The legal eagle’s friends and family are up in arms that Imogen is trying to make a name for herself by representing former teacher Finn who has previouly caused so much havoc in Erinsborough.

On the Aussie soap on Monday 8 April, Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson) is still reeling from the shock of seeing her twisted former fiance Finn watching her gig at The Waterhole, which gave her a very bad case of stagefright!

Bea’s aunt Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) thinks the time has come for Bea to consider forgiving Finn for the past, especially as he now has amnesia and can’t remember any of his previous dastardly doings.

However, Bea hasn’t changed her mind and can’t wait to see Finn get what’s coming to him. Unfortunately, there’s a chance he could walk free, after a fire breaks out at the police building, destroying incriminating evidence in Finn’s case. Was the fire an accident? Or is foul play afoot?

On Tuesday 9 April, Imogen finds herself the target of a malicious threat when she finds a severed pig’s head in a box, left on her car!

Neighbours, Imogen Willis
What’s in the box, Imogen? (Picture: Channel 5)
Neighbours, Imogen Willis
Who is the cuprit behind the gruesome gift? (Picture: Channel 5)

But who sent the gruesome gift? And could there be worse to come if Imogen doesn’t walk away from Finn?

The culprit is unmasked on Wednesday 10 April sending shockwaves around Ramsay Street and Imogen deciding to teach them a lesson by getting the police to press charges…


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