Which TV character would you like to go on a Valentine’s Day date with?

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and while you may be dreaming about getting a card from a certain someone in your life, why not dream a little bigger, forget mere mortals and imagine what Valentine’s Day would be like if you got the chance to go on a date with your favourite TV character?


That’s what we did, and between us the RadioTimes.com team have whittled our fantasy TV dates down to ten female and ten male characters of the last twelve months. And now it’s time for you to choose your favourites.


Fancy a trip in the TARDIS with one of this year’s two Doctors? An evening sipping cocktails at Catherine’s bar with an off-duty member of the Honoré police department? A date in The Good Place? Or in the bad place (eg Dracula’s castle)? Perhaps you’d rather get lost in the Line of Duty, meet up with one of two ‘hot priests’, get a little lathered up or, dare we say it, even go so far as to indulge in some Sex Education…