Soap spoilers! The week ahead in EastEnders, Emmerdale and Corrie…

14-19 October: Syed is having second thoughts in EastEnders while it's drama galore as the 40th anniversary of Emmerdale dawns

Coronation Street


Lewis has done another flit, this time from the Eurostar on the way back to the UK. But as Audrey checks her bank balance, life savings and any shrapnel she had in her purse, a stranger comes calling with news of his whereabouts. Someone stubbornly refusing to make themselves scarce is Tracy, who’s got her feet under the table at Michelle’s. Let’s hope she contributes to the spike in heating costs as it’s suddenly feeling very chilly in that flat.


It was plain to see that Syed had doubts about his and Christian’s impending nuptials. Leaving the invites down the back of the sofa? OK, that could have been a genuine mistake. Yelling “Leave me alone!” while trying on his wedding suit? Maybe he was overwrought. But kissing another man? He can hardly blame that on a slip of the tongue. So as the big day arrives, tensions are running high. And all that’s before the bailiffs show up.



It’s the 40th anniversary and Carl is celebrating by being a complete swine. He probably looks upon himself as Heathcliff with a haulage business, yet Chas – the object of his affection – thinks otherwise. She’s getting wed to pound-shop love-god Dan – with pregnant bridesmaid Gennie ready to go into labour at the service. And then there’s the marriage of Declan and Katie, the birth of Sarah’s saviour sibling and an untimely death. We’re going to need a stiff drink in the Woolpack after all that.