Soap spoilers! The week ahead in EastEnders, Corrie and Emmerdale…

7-12 October: The Proclaimers star in Emmerdale while Deirdre's got competition in Corrie



Mere days ago Phil was calling Lola a “little slapper”, but now he knows there’s Mitchell blood in her baby’s veins, he’s come to the rescue. Yes, the man with the bottomless wallet wants Lexi back home, despite Lola expecting the worst from the courts. With financial concerns pressing, Syed is also on a downer. Fearing he’ll be using a ready-salted Hula-hoop as a wedding ring, he consults banker Danny. But passions, rather than investments, are on the rise.

Coronation Street

You can see why Deirdre is feeling threatened. Wendy Crozier is the type to relax while listening to opera and drinking fine wine. Give Deirdre a couple of lagers and she couldn’t find her way through Agadoo. So it’s no surprise that after discovering who Ken is now working alongside, Deirdre puts the kibosh on the whole enterprise. Can Ken convince her it’s purely platonic? Certainly not when he’s having a secret rendezvous in Wendy’s spacious conservatory.



With the 40th anniversary nearing and promises of a death on the day, it’s hard not to speculate about who’s for the chop. The signs are pointing to someone getting done in – Cain hates Cameron, Marlon loathes Paddy, while everyone in the village has a motive for bumping off Carl. Maybe there’ll be a bloodbath on the scale of the final Blake’s 7? Still it’s not all doom and gloom: the music festival kicks off on Thursday with the Proclaimers performing. Presumably having walked 500 miles to get there.