The votes have been counted and verified and the results are in – the 14 soap characters going through to Round 2 of's Soap Champion tournament are:

  1. Marilyn Chambers
  2. Tane Parata
  3. Ben Mitchell
  4. Toadie Rebecchi
  5. Mike Young
  6. Kelly Neelan
  7. Susan Kennedy
  8. Meena Jutla
  9. Felicity Newman
  10. Imran Habeeb
  11. Mackenzie Hargreaves
  12. Lola Pearce
  13. Verity Hutchinson
  14. Misbah Maalik

Neighbours dominated Round 1, with fans turning out in force to throw their weight behind their favourites.

All four shortlisted Neighbours characters made the cut: Toadie, Mike, Susan and Mackenzie.

If your favourite made it through to the next round, you'll need to come back tomorrow (Tuesday 21st March) from 10:30am to support them once again as they battle it out for a place in the Quarter-Finals.

And if your pick didn't get through, then all the more reason to show up and back your favourite soap harder in Round 2!

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The second Round comprises seven head-to-heads – and only the winners are guaranteed a place in the Quarter-Finals, so the stakes are high.

The seven losers find themselves in the unenviable position of having to vie for a single remaining place in the next Round by competing in a Wildcard decider on Wednesday (March 22nd).

If you need to refresh your memory on when each round takes place, check out the explainer below.

And for all the details on how to vote and get involved, read all about it here.

The battle to be crowned Soap Champion continues tomorrow – get ready to make the most of your unlimited votes.

The head-to-heads for Round 2 look like this:

  1. Imran Habeeb vs Tane Parata
  2. Ben Mitchell vs Felicity Newman
  3. Kelly Neelan vs Misbah Maalik
  4. Lola Pearce vs Mike Young
  5. Meena Jutla vs Verity Hutchinson
  6. Toadie Rebecchi vs Mackenzie Hargreaves
  7. Susan Kennedy vs Marilyn Chambers

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