Next week’s Coronation Street spoilers – will Shona get married?

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Shona on Coronation Street seems dead set on getting married, despite there being a host of problems. For starters, the groom is still in prison. Then there’s the possibility of the bride having to bulk-buy all the stock at Preston’s Petals for a bouquet large enough to cover actress Julia Goulding’s baby bump.


And let’s not dwell on the fact that Shona wants to get wed in the Bistro, which doesn’t exactly have a great track record. Sinead was diagnosed with terminal cancer two days after tying the knot with Daniel on the premises. And Michelle’s supposedly happy day came to an abrupt end when she was shot by Pat Phelan. So perhaps Shona should have chosen a safer venue. The fast lane of the M62, maybe?


Gary has Dr Ali in his sights because he sees him as a love rival where Maria is concerned. But don’t go thinking that wicked Mr Windass is about to dig another woodland grave next to Ric Neelan’s final resting place. Gary will instead discover all about Ali’s troubled history with medication and ends up abducting a pharmacist at the hospital currently facing prosecution for stealing and selling drugs.


Elsewhere, Geoff ups the ante in his attempts to crush Yasmeen’s spirits as he surfs an online dating site in plain sight. And anyone thinking that Abi and Sally formed a long-lasting bond while in prison together should be reconsidering their view: the pair are about to come to blows over Kev. You can find out why Sal ends up sporting some spag bol on her head this Wednesday.