Neighbours’ Toadie puts his relationship with Dee in jeopardy

Heather is causing problems again.

meighbours toadie dee reunite

Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) may have defied the odds by reuniting with Dee Bliss (Madeleine West) after many years of her being declared dead on Neighbours, but he will soon make a move that could put that in jeopardy.


Struggling to deal with Dee spending time with Heather Schilling, her mother and the woman who poisoned the late Sonya and left her to die, he has tried to keep a lid on his feelings on the matter. But upcoming scenes will show that he is not handling it well and, confident that Heather will only end up hurting Dee, he pays her a visit at the prison and issues a stern warning.


Toadie makes it clear to Heather that he wants her to have nothing to do with Dee again while reminding her exactly what he thinks of her. Even though doctors have said that she is mentally better, he refuses to ever trust her. The power play looks like it could backfire on him though as when Dee finds out what he has done, she is furious that he would do something so drastic behind her back.

Toadie, already furious after Heather refuses to stop seeing her daughter, soon finds himself agreeing to a compromise. He will stay quiet about Heather as long as Dee promises that he, Nell and Hugo will never be discussed around her. Dee agrees and the two try to move forward under an uneasy truce. But with Toadie growing more bitter at Heather by the day, are the days of the Toadie and Dee reunion about to come to an end?

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, there is about to be another new face as Neighbours have announced the casting of Richie Morris in the Canning family. Replacing Gary in the Canning household and Mark Brennan as the regular Ramsay Street policeman, Levi, Sheila’s grandson, will make his debut in July.


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