Neighbours star Alan Fletcher teases mysterious twist for Karl following hot-air balloon crash

"You'll get the sense that there's definitely something not quite right in the way things are proceeding. It'll create a lot of intrigue."


Neighbours actor Alan Fletcher has revealed that the repercussions for medic Karl Kennedy will be serious following his intervention during a hot-air balloon crash.


Next week’s episodes will see Lauren’s hen party turn into a nightmare when Jacka sabotages their hot-air balloon flight, bringing it crashing down to Earth with everyone on board. With multiple lives at stake, Karl is forced to make a drastic decision – but it’s one that could affect both his and one of his patient’s lives forever.

“In the run-up to the crash, Karl has been at the stag do,” Fletcher explains to “So, the next day, he’s feeling a little tired and overwhelmed. I’m not suggesting he’s drunk, but he’s a bit fuzzy. And he rapidly ends up in the middle of a very serious medical situation and has to make a decision as to what to do. And yes, the ramifications could be terribly serious.”


Show bosses are remaining tight-lipped as to what it is that Karl is called upon to do, but the threat of malpractice will loom large in the wake of the crisis.

“There’s a real risk to his career,” adds Fletcher. And it’s not just to do with what happens at the balloon site. It ties in with stories that have already occurred. There’s a mystery element to it and it’s really well crafted by the writers. You’ll get the sense that there’s definitely something not quite right in the way things are proceeding. It’ll create a lot of intrigue.”

As for what viewers can expect to see from the balloon stunt itself, Fletcher had this to say about the upcoming drama: “All the cast and crew watched the episodes at a special screening. There’s a moment where somebody takes matters into their own hands and that caused a huge gasp.

“Many of us weren’t privy to the actual filming, so there was this huge intake of shocked breath. It was filmed on quite a high budget, so the audience will have a real sense of drama.”


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