Neighbours star wants Shane and Dipi’s missing son Jay to be introduced

"Why has he never visited?" wonders Nicholas Coghlan.

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Shane Rebecchi moved to Erinsborough in 2017 with wife Dipi and daughters Yashvi and Kirsha, adding to the chaotic family tree of one of Neighbours‘ most famous and established clans. But one member of the brood remains missing – Shane and Dipi’s son Jay, who is occasionally mentioned but has never been seen. Where is he, and will we ever get to meet him?


“Yes, there is this boy called Jay who is at boarding school in Sydney, but never visits!” reveals Nicholas Coghlan who plays Shane, speaking exclusively to “It’s never been explained why that is. He is the middle child between Yashvi and Kirsha. I think that’s how it works, don’t quote me!

“There is still talk of him being introduced, so he’s got to appear at some time surely.”

It’s not uncommon for Erinsborough families to keep a spare relative stashed elsewhere to be introduced down the line, often when someone flies the nest leaving a gap in the household – and the cast.

Piper Willis was the last of Terese and Brad’s offspring to arrive and came in almost three years after the rest of the family. Recently, Levi the long-lost Canning has moved in with gran Sheila and cousin Kyle to occupy the space left after Gary’s tragic exit.

neighbours rebecchis 2017
Neighbours’ Rebecchi family arrived in 2017

While there are no immediate plans to bring in the elusive Jay to complete the clan, Coghlan has some thoughts as to the type of character he could be, and he has an idea as to how he might spice up life chez Rebecchi.

“I think a bright, young, male energy would be really good in that house,” he smiles. “Shane is dominated by the women in the family. Someone who can bring out the silliness and ‘House of Trouser’ in Shane and his little brother, Toadie. That would be pretty fun.

“They could bring in a bit of comedy and tap into that playfulness of the Rebecchis. I’m in need of some of that!”


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