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Neighbours lines up more heartbreak for Susan Kennedy as Karl gets a blast from the past

Could there be more trouble for Karl and Susan?

Neighbours Olivia Bell returns
Published: Tuesday, 28th April 2020 at 12:21 pm

Neighbours has lined up a return for a character who's appearance could worry fans of long-standing couple Karl and Susan.


Alyce Platt will return to the show in the role of Olivia Bell, a character she last played briefly back in 2012.

Olivia and Karl both enjoyed a series of dates before she decided that a future with him was not on the cards.

Karl of course reunited with Susan the following year and the pair have remained together in the days since - but could Olivia's return hint at more trouble on the way?

Fans will know that right now, things are not good in the Kennedy marriage following everything that happened with Finn Kelly.

Finn caused a lot of damage when his mental condition deteriorated and his murder of Gary Canning has left Susan's relationships on the street in tatters.

Worse still for her is that Karl had admitted that he too does blame her for allowing Finn back into their lives in the first place - and she has been withdrawing for him ever since. When Karl finds out how much Susan is keeping from him, it's clear that there has been some serious damage done to this marriage.

So, it's a bit of a concern that Olivia is returning to the show now of all times. The two bump into each other at The Waterhole and it doesn't take them long to strike up a conversation. With his marriage seemingly falling apart, will Karl and Olivia stay friends?

And how will Susan react when she learns he has met up with a woman he went on a date with?

karl olivia neghbours
Karl and Olivia back in 2012

Australian viewers will find out when the scenes air next week, but UK viewers will have to wait a little longer as the episodes won't air until June.

Olivia isn't Platt's first role on Neighbours. Back in 1995, she played regular character Jen Handley, a doctor in training who was good friends with Cody Willis and was in a relationship with Philip Martin.

A troubled character, Jen's relationship with Phil deteriorated and it didn't take her long after it ended to leave Ramsay Street for good.

And speaking of returning characters, the show has recently confirmed that we are about to see a return for fan favourite Naomi Canning, who will be back to help out Sheila who is grieving Gary.


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