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Neighbours newcomer reveals Levi Canning's life in Erinsborough will be "tricky"

He is a Canning after all!

Neighbours Levi
Published: Tuesday, 30th June 2020 at 4:11 pm

If there is a legacy that Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) has left behind on Neighbours, it's that a Ramsay Street policeman has a tendency to break the rules on more than one occasion - but with a new member of the police force already arriving on the street in the form of Levi Canning, can we expect this one to be a bit of a tearaway too?

Advertisement has been chatting to Levi star, Richie Morris, and asked him just that.

"Levi is incredibly passionate for his job, but it doesn’t mean he can’t end up in tricky situations," he said on what kind of officer he will be. Given Levi is a Canning, it seems likely that tricky situations will not be few and far between - although with Gary's death it may be a little easier.

"He's very passionate for his job and his family," Morris added, hinting that should a conflict of interest arise he may not put his career first.

Saying that he feels "blessed and humbled" to have landed the new regular role in the Neighbours cast, he does not think that Levi will be an obstacle for cousin Kyle and Roxy Willis (Chris Milligan and Zima Anderson) saying that he thinks Levi "respects Kyle enough to stay away." It looks like we will not be seeing another family love triangle for Kyle for on the horizon then...


Levi arrives on Ramsay Street during a period of high drama as Andrea Somers (Madeleine West) escapes from prison and heads to Ramsay Street to take her baby, Hugo. In fact, Levi has barely said hi to his family before he gets the call to head to Ramsay Street to help with the search. But will Levi be able to help stop someone as devious as Andrea?


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