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Exclusive – Zoe Bertram on Fay's sad death in emotional Neighbours scenes

Get ready for some emotional scenes in Ramsay Street.

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Published: Friday, 2nd April 2021 at 6:00 am

There is a heartbreaking death on the way in Neighbours next week as Fay Brennan (Zoe Bertram) passes away as her Huntington's illness develops faster than expected after she consumes chocolate which leads to a deadly infection.


With Aaron and Chloe Brennan (Matt Wilson and April Rose Pengilly) by her side, she slips away moments after feeling her unborn grandchild kick for the first time while she shares a final moment with Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes).

Zoe has been chatting exclusively to about her final return to the show, the highlights of her years there, and what it was like to film those devastating death scenes.

How was it coming back to the show knowing that it would be for the final time?

"Well, it was very sad because I have loved my time with Neighbours and I felt a responsibility to portray it well with authenticity. It was bittersweet".

Fay returns when things are tense between Chloe and Nicolette. Does she know what the issues are?

She thinks it's sexual tension so she gets the wrong end of the stick this time. She doesn’t understand what the actual tension was about.

When Fay learns the truth about Nicolette, does it change her opinion of her?

No, it doesn’t because Fay has made a few mistakes, as we all do, and that’s what she said to Nicolette, that she would be a hypocrite to judge her. So no, she is not upset about what Nicolette has done at all and she totally understands.

Would Fay support the idea of Chloe and Nicolette making a go of things?

Very much, yes. Because Fay and Nicolette instantly got on and Fay really likes her and wants the best for Chloe and yes, she thinks that would be lovely.

Does Fay know that she does not have long left to live?

Yes. Well, she doesn’t think the end is coming when she first arrives on Ramsay Street, she thinks she has a little bit longer and she probably would have if she hadn’t eaten the chocolate. But then she gets the information from Clive and it’s a big shock.

What was it like filming Fay's death scenes?

It was very emotional and as I said, with acting, I just had to react with Matt and April because they were so beautiful and it was very touching – and Takaya and Charlotte. The scenes were moving and it's hard to bring up that emotion but we wanted it to be as authentic as possible. The lovely Scott Major was the director and he was so helpful as well and created a lovely feeling on set. It’s sad but it was very rewarding to do and I hope it comes across well.

What would you say the highlights of your time on Neighbours have been?

Just how lucky I was to have those children. They are lovely people, Matt, April, Scotty and Travis, it was an absolute sheer delight working with them. They are the loveliest people, professional, warm and they just made it wonderful. They’re all like it, the whole cast is lovely, but my on-screen were family were a treat – working with them is my highlight.


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