It's going to be a dramatic summer for the cast of Neighbours. Beginning on 19th August, the soap will kick off Death in the Outback week – and it looks set to be as ominous as it sounds.


The string of episodes will see some of our favourite characters swap out Ramsay Street's suburban bliss for the Aussie bush, but one of them won't return.

The soap has confirmed the storyline will revolve around Holly Hoyland (Lucinda Armstrong-Hall), Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney), Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden), Haz Devkar (Shiv Palekar), and Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone).

Guest stars Anica Calida and Ethan Panizza will also be involved as returning character Tess Carmichael and newbie Heath Royce, respectively.

Anica Calida (Tess Carmichael), Ethan Panizza (Heath Royce)
Anica Calida (Tess Carmichael), Ethan Panizza (Heath Royce).

In fact, it's Heath and Holly's last-minute holiday to the Outback that kicks things off.

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"Holly is unaware of the danger that lurks around her in the Outback, both on land and in Heath Royce, her secret love interest," the soap teased.

When Haz and Mackenzie can’t reach Holly, they head out to the Outback themselves.

But Holly isn't the only not responding, Toadie and Melanie have disappeared from Erinsborough without a word, too. But who won't return?

Well, we do know Moloney (Toadie) will leave the soap after three decades, though he's set to remain a part of the Neighbours crew, and he did hint that the door for him to return will be left open.

"I can’t tell you what is happening to the character – maybe I could be the next Jim Robinson. Or maybe I’ll be the next Harold Bishop and keep popping back over the years," he said at the time his exit was confirmed.

So, which will it be? Sounds like we'll have to wait until August to find out.

Neighbours continues on Amazon Freevee every Monday to Thursday from 7am.


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