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Neighbours cast members who are actually related in real life

It really is a family affair on Ramsay Street...

Neighbours Declan Dennis and Stefan Dennis
Published: Thursday, 28th May 2020 at 6:39 pm

Neighbours is all about close families sticking together, a notion the ever-popular Australian soap adheres to off-screen as it has a long history of employing cast members who are related in real life.


It's become something of a tradition for Ramsay Street to welcome different generations of acting talent from the same bloodline, in-keeping with Neighbours' sense of history and heritage, and proving the production really is like a proper family.

Here's our list of cast clans - some of them you'll already know about, but others may come as a surprise…

Donovan dynasty

jason donovan terence donovan

Jason Donovan is one of Neighbours most famous alumni, and shortly after he quit as heart-throb Scott Robinson in 1989 his real-life dad Terence Donovan was cast as patriarch Doug Willis, a role he played on and off until 2016.

neighbours sky mangel

In 2003 Jason's younger half-sister Stephanie McIntosh, from his TV presenter mum Sue's second marriage, joined up as rebellious teen Sky Mangel. McIntosh recently returned for an extended guest stint around Neighbours' 35th anniversary.


This meant she got to hang out with her niece, Jason's daughter Jemma Donovan, who began playing goodie-goodie teen Harlow Robinson in 2019. Harlow is Paul Robinson's granddaughter, which means Jemma plays the great-niece of her real dad's Neighbours character!

Valance sisters

holly valance olympia valance

Holly Valance shot to fame as Flick, gorgeous but gormless middle daughter of the Scully family, who moved into Ramsay Street in 1999. She upped sticks in 2002 to pursue a pop career, and in 2014 her younger half-sister (they have the same father) Olympia followed her sibling to Erinsborough to play Paige Smith, long-lost offspring of childhood sweethearts Lauren Turner and Brad Willis. Popular Paige also popped back for the 35th anniversary celebrations and finally tied the knot with soul mate Mark Brennan.

Bonner brood

Carla bonner harley bonner

The actress who played Flick's big sister Steph Scully on and off until 2018 shared the screen with her real-life son for a time - Carla Bonner's boy Harley Bonner played swimming prodigy Josh Willis, Terese's son, between 2013 and 2016. He was killed off in the dramatic Lassiters explosion, which many fans are still not over…

Elmaloglou mother and son

neighbours rebekah elmaloglou kai baker

Talking of Terese, the actress who plays her Rebekah Elmaloglou must've been a proud parent earlier in 2020 when she welcomed 12-year-old son Kai Baker on set to play the guest role of troubled kid Caden Hutchins. The character was involved in a hard-hitting storyline connected to the Buddy Club program for wayward youths, and found himself at the centre of the drama when a gun was found stashed in his backpack.

Spliced behind the scenes

eve morey Jonathon dutton

Eve Morey is much missed as tragic Sonya Rebecchi who was killed off in 2019, but she's still part of the Neighbours collective behind the camera as an acting coach and cast mentor. Her husband Jonathon Dutton played Toadie's geeky cousin Tad Reeves back in the late 1990s – he left in 2002 and is now one of the show's regular directors. So that must help with getting a lift to work in their house.

Family Dennis

neighbours Stefan Dennis Gail easdale

Living legend Stefan Dennis, Neighbours' sole surviving original character Paul Robinson, worked with his wife Gail Easdale who played her spouse's on-screen nemesis, corrupt businesswoman Julie Quill in 2016.

Their son Declan Dennis was recently announced as bagging a guest role as bad boy Louis Curtain, and will appear later in 2020. Although he won't have any scenes with his real-life dad, which feels like a missed opportunity to us…


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