Neighbours' Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) has been plagued by the sudden reappearance of his vengeful ex-wives, and discovers on Monday 9th September his own daughter, Elle Robinson, is behind the plot to use his past to wreck his future with fiancee Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou).


Pippa Black makes a brief return as the bolshy blonde when Paul makes a video call to his offspring demanding an explanation after wife number three, Christina Alessi, exposed the truth. But when did we last see her on screen, and what is she most remembered for? And why has she got it in for her dad?

Who is Elle Robinson?

Lucinda Robinson (Elle is a nickname) is one of three triplets born to Paul and wife number two Gail Lewis, along with identical brothers Robert and Cameron. The failure of her parents' marriage when she was a baby meant she lived off-screen with her mum for years and wasn't a regular on Ramsay Street until she was introduced as a troublemaking teenager in 2005.

A chip off the old Moneybags block, Elle could be a manipulative little minx and always had a scam on the go.

What were her biggest storylines?

Elle was involved in the classic Lassiters plane crash, surviving the incident that famously killed off the Bishop family. Brother Robert was responsible as part of his reign of terror which coincided with Elle's time on the show - his attempt to punish Paul was much more serious than his sister's current plan.

Robert caused good brother Cameron's death, which Elle blamed neighbour Max Hoyland for and unleashed her own misguided revenge campaign against him.

At one stage, naughty Elle lied she was terminally ill to keep boyfriend Dylan Timmins from going off with Sky Mangel, who was expecting his child, but he dumped her when her fib was exposed.

She also schemed with former stepbrother Oliver Barnes to take over Paul's business empire, but handed back control when her father was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Her hard edges were softened somewhat when she developed PTSD after the double drama of getting trapped in a collapsing warehouse and later being kidnapped. She was also briefly named legal guardian of teenager Donna Freedman, the breakthrough role of future Hollywood star Margot Robbie.

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When did she leave Neighbours?

Her on/off relationship with recovering addict Lucas Fitzgerald became very much 'off' when he finished things so she could pursue a dream job as a journalist on the New York Times, and she departed in 2009. She was heartbroken, but Lucas claimed their love would never have gone the distance and he let her go…

Why is she plotting against Paul now?

neighbours paul robinson ex wives

Elle reveals on Tuesday 7th September on the video call to Paul she wanted to break his toxic cycle of how he's treated the women in his life, and persuaded mum Gail, along with Christina Alessi, Lyn Scully and Rebecca Napier to get on board with spooking their former husband into taking a long, hard look at himself - and how he's treated his wives.

She wasn't trying to split him and Terese, only push his buttons as a test to see if he was really sure about embarking on another potentially doomed marriage. But it backfired and Paul announces he can't go through with the wedding…

neighbours paul and terese wedding

Confronted with his past, Paul is devastated at how his own flesh and blood has manipulated him. But he's so full of remorse he vows to treat Terese properly and begs her to tie the knot after all. The couple are married (by an Elvis impersonator), but will it be sixth time lucky? And can Paul forgive Elle?


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