Neighbours stalwart Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) will be left reeling when Erinsborough gets a sudden influx of his ex-wives.


Wednesday's episode sees wife number two, Gail, make a comeback, 12 years on from actress Fiona Corke's last appearance on the soap. Gail will immediately be thrown back into the drama when she arrives just in time to break up a scrap between her granddaughter Harlow and Roxy Willis.

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When tensions have abated, Gail reveals that she wants to get to know Harlow better, but is soon threatening to take her away from the neighbourhood after accusing Paul and his fiancee Terese of neglect.

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Hot on the heels of Gail will be wife number four Lyn Scully (Janet Andrewartha), back in town next week to ostensibly conduct interviews for daughter Steph's business. But she also finds time to warn bride-to-be Terese that the last thing she should be doing is tying the knot with Paul.


By this point, Paul is starting to think that this surge in former spouses can't be a coincidence.

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And it won't be long before his suspicions are proved correct: as we revealed back in June, Paul's third wife Christina (Gayle Blakeney) is set to make a guest appearance alongside her sister Caroline (Gillian Blakeney). And a new promotional video released recently (see above) also confirmed a comeback for Jane Hall, who played Paul's most recent wife Rebecca.

As can be seen from this new clips package, it appears that Paul's surviving exes (wife number one Terry took her own life off-screen) are all scheming to wreck his latest marital plans while also toying with his mental health.

But will Neighbours's band of abandoned women succeed in splitting Paul from the latest love of his life?


Neighbours can be seen weekdays at 1.45 and 5.30pm on Channel 5