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Does Elly die on Neighbours? 5 theories on Jodi Anasta's exit

How will the troubled former teacher say her goodbyes?

Published: Tuesday, 12th May 2020 at 4:26 pm

Poor Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) has had a rough few months, from giving birth whilst being held hostage to Finn's island horrors to her current incarceration for killing him, despite not doing it.


Elly definitely deserves a happy ending when she leaves Neighbours, but will she get one?

We look at possible ways she could depart...

Could she stay in prison?

neighbours andrea elly aster

Elly is currently in prison serving a sentence for the manslaughter of Finn. Whilst she did not actually kill him, she had hoped pleading guilty would help her avoid a stint behind bars - she was wrong. Current episodes show Elly having a miserable time at Goodwood prison, and her troubles may be only just beginning as she has found Andrea Somers (Madeleine West) to be keen on spending time with her. Will Elly get a bleak ending and remain in a cell? It wouldn't be the first time with both Darcy Tyler and Steph Scully leaving the show in the same way - although they were both guilty of their crimes.

Death on the cards in a tragic twist?


Elly's story has been a dark one and it seems that more misery is being heaped on her as the weeks go by, could we be being prepared for the darkest twist of all, one that could see the new mother killed? Whilst it would be a bleak way for her to go, it isn't like Neighbours would let her off the hook just because she has had a rough time of late. Viewers know all too well that Sonya Rebecchi's death came hot on the heels of a long spell of turmoil for the character. But would they do the same to Elly so soon after? And if she is killed, could Andrea be involved?

A return from someone thought dead?

shaun neighbours

Ever since Shaun Watkins (Brad Moller) was killed in an avalanche accident late last year, viewers have had one burning question they have needed the answer to - "when is Shaun coming back?" There aren't many people out there convinced that the father to Elly's daughter is really dead and were he to return, it would seem likely that a romantic reunion between him and Elly would be very much on the minds of the writers. So given everything Elly has been put through, could we see her move to Switzerland to start a new life with Shaun?

A romantic reunion causes her to flee?

chloe elly neighbours chelly

One quick search on Twitter of the term 'Chelly' will show that the failed romance between Elly and Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) is one that has sparked a huge number of very vocal, passionate fans. Will this fanbase lead the writers to give this storyline one last revisit? With Chloe now married and living with her stepson, the situation has changed since the pair last attempt something and if something were to happen now, it's possible Elly would decide to leave town to try and save Chloe's marriage. With Chloe not going anywhere, a happily ever after doesn't seem on the cards for them.

A simple fresh start?

neighbours elly jail

Sometimes, the simplest of theories end up being the most likely, so could a time of reflection be the catalyst for Elly to say her goodbyes and bid Ramsay Street farewell? We can't imagine Ramsay Street being somewhere Elly would want to stay given all the bad memories there for her. Number 28 is of course where Finn lived and there are numerous reminders of her mistakes dotted all over Erinsborough. A fresh start away from Melbourne so she can focus on raising Aster would be quite a fitting way for her to bow out- albeit a low key one for someone at the centre of so much drama.


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