Neighbours star talks hopes for the future of Chelly

Elly Conway will be saying her goodbyes very soon.

chloe elly chelly neighbours

Fans of Neighbours will know that the end is nigh for Elly Conway with actress Jodi Anasta having quit the role and her final scenes airing soon. But what of “Chelly”, the romance that has garnered an army of fans who have their hearts set on Elly and Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) officially getting together?


Well, in an exclusive chat with, Pengilly herself has told us not to lose hope.

“I will say, never say never,” said Pengilly of a reunion down the road. “As we saw for the anniversary recently, so many characters came back and some of them came back for quite a while, i.e. my brother Mark Brennan who I loved having back.

“So I will say that although she [Anasta] is no longer a full-time cast member right now, never lose hope, never give up, because you never know what is going to happen on this show.”

When asked if we can expect them to marry at Lassiters as part of the shows 40th anniversary celebrations, she laughed and added: “Or maybe sooner?”

We also asked April how much she is missing Jodi on set, with actress having finished filming her final scenes several weeks ago. “I miss her so much!” she admitted. “Like, I’m watching her on TV now and she’s still there and I almost burst into tears whenever she is on the screen.”

As for how Elly leaves Neighbours, the imminent return of Shaun Watkins seems set to play a large role as he comes back just in time to help Elly and her sister, Bea Nielson (Bonnie Anderson), who are being hassled by the press following the tell-all book written about their lives and Finn Kelly (Rob Mills).

UK viewers are this week watching a dramatic story unfold that has seen baby Hugo kidnapped by his prison escapee mother, Andrea Somers (Madeleine West). Will Toadie ever see his son again?


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