The news Home and Away's Robbo Shaw (Jake Ryan) and Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) have been waiting for is finally delivered on Monday 21 January when the doctor discovers she is pregnant and the pair's plan to be platonic parents becomes a reality.

Knowing her biological clock is ticking, the single medic is desperate to become a mum and has asked close friend Robbo to be a sperm donor, fulfilling the gym owner's own desires to be a father again having lost his family in tragic circumstances before coming to the Bay.


Tori is rushed to hospital after experiencing stomach cramps and fears the latest embryo implanting as part of a drawn-out IVF process is not taking, but nurse Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) sees from test results that the opposite is true - Tori's pain is due to the egg embedding and she's officially pregnant.

The situation is complicated by Jasmine being Robbo's girlfriend, and she's still struggling with her other half's closeness to his baby mama despite the trio being open and honest and insisting there is nothing romantic about the arrangement between the prospective parents.


Robbo pledges his commitment to Jasmine and promises their relationship won't suffer even though he's got a baby on the way with another woman, but the pregnancy does have unforeseen consequences for the former undercover cop that could spell trouble for Tori.

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Why does Robbo start stalking Tori?

As it dawns on him he's going to be a father again, Robbo is plagued by emotional flashbacks of the son and daughter he lost and dark thoughts descend as he breaks down while home alone. Meanwhile, as Tori's siblings mock Robbo's overprotectiveness, she dismisses it as excitement and heads off to bed - not seeing Robbo secretly lurking outside in the shadows, obsessed with checking up on her…

The next morning, on Tuesday 22 January, the Morgans are stunned to find Robbo slept outside on their porch and worry he's acting strangely. Later in the day when he can't get hold of Tori and plagues her with constant phone calls, Robbo breaks into her home concerned something is wrong, and when Tori returns she admits to being alarmed by his overbearing behaviour.


Robbo's anxiety rises throughout the week until a heart-to-heart with Jasmine on Friday 25 January reveals what's really bugging him - he blames himself for the death of his children, killed by an old enemy from his cop days who is still on the loose, and thinks if he'd been a better father they would still be alive - what if he fails again as a parent and can't protect his and Tori's child? Is Robbo really ready for this baby?

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