Lisa Loveday (Rachel Adedeji) was left traumatised on tonight's E4 episode of Hollyoaks after police told her that the body of her father Louis had been recovered.

Fans of the soap had been left pondering the identity of the corpse that was found at the end of last week in the river outside the Dog. But it has now been confirmed that it's Louis's remains that have resurfaced, seven months after he was bumped off by murderer Breda McQueen (Moya Brady).

Actor Karl Collins bowed out of Hollyoaks back in January when a captive Louis became a victim of village serial killer Breda, who'd realised that he planned to expose her crime spree, despite promising that he wouldn't breathe a word of her homicidal antics.


Viewers were left shocked when Breda was seen bludgeoning Louis over the head with a telephone before burying his body. Since then, of course, Breda has upped the ante, with her latest target being Joel, who has survived being attacked with a bible as punishment for his fling with Goldie.

Despite police having now questioned Breda due to her being the last person to see Louis alive, it seems her spree isn't over yet.

C4 TX 20/8/19

Tomorrow's Hollyoaks will see her left unimpressed with Darren being a "bad dad" to Charlie and Oscar by dumping them at camp all the time and then turning up late. After noticing this, Breda begs God to give her a sign as to whether she should continue with her mission, what with her now having come so close to being caught. But what course of action will she end up taking?

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