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Horror for Tony Hutchinson in Hollyoaks as he returns to the pig farm

The scared chef is back in killer Breda McQueen's prison

hollyoaks tony hutchinson
Published: Tuesday, 4th February 2020 at 7:00 am

Hollyoaks serial killer Breda McQueen may have perished in a blaze of glory, but her terrifying legacy lives on for former prisoner Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard), who is haunted by horrifying memories of being her hostage at the pig farm.


In episodes airing in the coming week, the shaken chef attempts to get back to normal life by taking on some shifts at his restaurant the Hutch. Wife Diane Hutchinson (Alex Fletcher) worries he's running before he can walk, and when her father-in-law Edward Hutchinson (Joe McGann) steps in she's oblivious to the sneaky surgeon's hidden agenda and that he's about to make things a whole lot worse.

Determined to steal Diane from his son after she cut short their fling when Tony was found alive and well, Edward has already deliberately locked his lad in the bathroom to bring on a panic attack. And now he arranges for the Hutch to be overrun by inviting all his hospital colleagues, knowing it will overwhelm Tony, who has struggled with post-traumatic stress after being Breda's captive for months on end.

Edward suggests revisiting the scene of the crime to get closure, and in Hollyoaks on Tuesday 11th February (E4 showing) he escorts Tony back to the pig farm to face his fears…

Tony understandably freaks out as painful memories come flooding back – the Hollyoaks veteran spent every day not knowing if he would become the nasty nanny's next victim, having discovered her spree of slayings including his beloved son Harry Thompson.

hollyoaks edward hutchinson tony hutchinson

Eventually the merry murderess was exposed by her own family, who rescued Tony in the nick of time during an explosive edition of Hollyoaks Later, the first late-night special since 2013. It was adopted son Sylver McQueen who ended his mum's reign of terror before the farm house burnt to the ground with Breda inside.

Being back in the pig farm is a terrible trigger for Tone, and there are huge consequences of the visit which sparks more concern for Diane over her husband's state of mind. All of which is exactly what Edward had planned all along – will the rift he's engineered mean Diane will choose him over his boy?

McGann tells "Edward is resentful of Tony being back and the very notion he's living in someone's shadow, which is the reverse of what normally happens.

"He thinks he's better for Diane, no contest. Genuinely, Edward cares for Diane and wants to make her happy and reckons Tony will ruin things again eventually. So he's in there! For him, Tony standing in the way is a quandary, a problem that needs solving."

Is Edward really prepared to drive Tony to a breakdown so he can swoop in on his missus?


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