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Has Hollyoaks found a new serial killer after Breda McQueen's death?

Like mother, like son…

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Published: Wednesday, 8th January 2020 at 11:16 am

Breda McQueen is in a body bag after the explosive events of Hollyoaks Later, leaving a serial killer-shaped hole in the village that needs filling. Adopted son Sylver McQueen is the man who ended her, so could he be in line to inherit his mother's murderous mantle?


"He did what he had to do," David Tag insists to, defending his alter ego's actions of plunging a knitting needle in the nasty nanny's head to stop her spree of bumping off bad dads. "Sylver's life and the woman he loves was threatened and it's within his nature to protect. If he had to defend someone he loved he could kill again but not in cold blood, only when pushed to his limit."

So no chance of sweet-natured Sylver giving into his Hulk side and becoming the new local killer? "Not that I'm aware of!" laughs Tag. "I don't know if that's in his nature but the writers could change their minds! He's a good man with a short temper who occasionally likes to punch things and throw furniture about…"

The twist that Sylver took his mum down is a game-changer for the character, who served 18 years in prison for killing his violent stepdad to save his family - only now it turns out Breda bumped him off and let her boy take the blame.

hollyoaks later sylver mcqueen

"It's kind of poetic justice as he was blamed for killing his father and now he's killed his mother. It's all very complicated but has brought a weird closure to this part of his life. He trusted Breda completely, but she committed the ultimate betrayal on many levels.

"Now he's actually taken a life, even though he had no choice, that will be hanging over him. I don't really know how it's going to affect him down the line."

The late-night special also pushed Sylver and estranged wife Mercedes McQueen closer together as they battled to bring Breda down, could this pave the way for a romantic reunion? "Ultimately they still feel strongly towards each other and it might bond them further.

hollyoaks later

"Sylver is in a good place with Grace Black but he will never stop loving Mercedes. Although the fact Mercy knows Sylver killed Breda and she didn't just perish in the fire means she's got something over him, which she could use at some point. It could go either way."

Complicating matters further in the love triangle is the fact Grace - along with James Nightingale - pulled the trigger on the gun that almost finished off Mercedes back in November, which Sylver has no idea about. "If and when that is revealed it would be a whole other spanner in the works," teases Tag. "It would be funny if he said to Grace, 'Fair enough, I don't blame you for trying to kill her!' Or he might feel betrayed by someone he loves all over again…"


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