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Sienna loses her twins to Warren again – Anna Passey on double Hollyoaks twist

“She was right all along!” laments the actress, but what happens next?

hollyoaks Sienna loses the twins to warren again
Published: Monday, 29th July 2019 at 7:31 pm

Cruel irony befell troubled Hollyoaks heroine Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) as it was revealed on Monday 29thJuly (E4 showing) the twins she was talked out of abducting were actually her own children, Sophie and Sebastian, and their dastardly dad Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) has escaped with them again – but she has no idea she was right all alone!


The sting supplied a surprise early return for Lomas ahead of his recently-announced comeback which was promised as not being until late 2019. It’s the third stint for fan favourite Foxy since his 2006 debut, a year after his last appearance and 18 months since Lomas quit as a full-time cast member.

Since Sienna spotted twins ‘Sean’ and ‘Ursula’ with their au pair Nina staying at Maxine and Damon’s wedding venue, Miss Blake has grown increasingly unstable and convinced they were the missing kids Warren snatched from her.

An ill-advised plan to kidnap them and flee the country was scuppered when boyfriend Brody Hudson and sister Liberty Savage talked her out of it, leading to Sienna breaking down as she feared her psychological demons had clouded her judgment and she’d made a terrible mistake.

hollyoaks Sienna nina Brody liberty

Giving the tots back to Nina in the nick of time, apologetic Sienna wept as they left – unaware the nanny was secretly meeting Warren who then sped off back to Spain, menacingly claiming Sienna would never get the better of him… spoke to Passey about the jaw-dropping twist that saw her tormented alter ego cry wolf again – but get it right for once!

hollyoaks warren nina

How did you feel about the twist the twins were Sienna’s all along?
Apart from when Sienna faked her death, for me this is the biggest twist in her history. Nobody thought they were hers, even I thought she’d got it wrong and the stress of the Laurie situation had caused her to regress. I read the end of this script and I was screaming, I rang Jess Fox (aka Nancy) to tell her I was so shocked!

Do you think the viewers will be surprised Sienna was right?
We put fans off the scent as we didn’t use the same twin babies as before, so they look purposely different. I think the twist will go down a storm and people will be screaming at the TV – she had them right there, she was right and everyone told her she was wrong!

Did you enjoy Sienna trying to do a runner in disguise?
Yes! It was such an epic scene, Sienna in the wig with the passports wheeling the buggy out the door, then Liberty and Brody stop and convince her she’s got it wrong.

hollyoaks brody

What impact does this have on Sienna from now?
She starts to doubt herself. It’s really sad and so unfair as only viewers know, but they’ll Sienna think she needs help again and should see a doctor. The audience have this little gift of information, but is it ever going to come out?

How does Brody feel?
It’s awful as Brody realises she was going to leave him behind and is very hard on her. But they’re her children, they should be put first! There’s a terrible knock-on effect, she won’t come out of her room and she’s back where she started, she doesn’t know her own mind.

Will Sienna keep Maxine’s secret she’s faking her illness?
They agreed to keep each other’s secrets but then Sienna was stopped from taking the twins and had to sit there watching Maxine get everything she wants knowing she’s a liar. Sienna tried to do the right thing, to an extent, and is left with nothing. Their shared history prevents her telling everyone, Maxine is her oldest and closest friend, they are family and have been through a lot. She is concerned for Minnie, but has given Maxine the opportunity to come clean after the wedding…


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